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Results for the 18th Annual Junior Angler Tournament 2016


22 Boats entered the tournament with a total of 82  Anglers ( 56male & 26 Female) . A  total of  515 lbs of fish made the scale of which 60 lbs of King Fish, 8 lbs of Carite, 22 lbs of Cavali,  10lbs  of Bacchine , 12 lbs of Barracuda, 58  lbs of Bonito and 345lbs Dolphin.   Approximately 350 lbs of Fish were donated to various charities such as Rainbow Rescue, Sophia House, St. Jude's, Christ Child Convalescent Home & The Battered Women's Home


Heaviest in Species:

Heaviest Bachine             Jamie Sabeeny                  Geordie Lass      2 lbs 6 oz

Heaviest Barracuda         Lacey Rae George             No Flyers            12 lbs

Heaviest Bonito/Tuna     Layla Thomas                    Tizzic                    14 lbs

Heaviest Carite                 Jacob Jacelon                    Reel Tuff             2 lbs 14 oz

Heaviest Cavali                 Joshua Laquis                    Windarra            10 lbs 6 oz

Heaviest Dolphin              Alexander Hadad             Sea Hunter          38 lbs 10 oz

Heaviest King Fish            Marcus Augustus             Satu Lagi              31 lbs 6 ozs



5-7 male:

                Angler                                   Boat Name         Points

5th           Christian Telfer                    Buccaneer           2

4th           Jacob Jacelon                       Reel Tuff              2.875

3rd           Oliver Patience                    Bobby Breen       3

2nd          Andrew Skinner                   Temptation         4.625

1st           Tristan Llanos                       Intrepid                13.5



8- 10 Female:

                Angler                                   Boat Name         Points

5th           Andrea Thompson              Fish Finder          1.175

4th           Kate Skinner                        Temptation         2.25

3rd           Makaira Wallace                 Wicked                5

2nd          Lacey Rae George               No Flyers             12

1st           Jade Llanos                          Intrepid                20.25



8-10  Male          

                Angler                   Boat                      Points

3rd           Scott Patience     Bobby Breen        1

2nd          Shane Telfer         Buccaneer            1.875

1st          Ryan Thompson   Reel Play              3


11-13  Female   

               Angler                                   Boat                       Points                    

2nd          Savannah Sheppard           Temptation           1.25

1st           Sophie De Gannes              Wicked                  2.25



11-13 Male         

                Angler                                   Boat                                       Points

5th           Chad Ferreira                       Reeling and Deeling            10

4th           Stephen Bodden                 Tizzic                                      16

3rd           Marcus Agustus                   Satu Lagi                               31.375

2nd          Jude Joseph                          Sea Hunter                            120

1st           Alexander Hadeed              Sea Hunter                            170.25



14-16 Female    

                Angler                                   Boat                       Points

4th           Jamie Sabeeny                     Geordie Lass        4

3rd           Aliana Welch                        Geordie Lass        7.125

2nd          Layla Thomas                        Tizzic                     25.125

1st           Katherin Bodden                  Tizzic                     27.5



14-16 Male

               Angler                                   Boat                       Points                                                                  

2nd          Justin Wortman                  Overdue                4

1st           Joshua Laquis                      Windarra              17



BEST BOAT                                         

                                Boat Name                         Points

3rd                         Intrepid                                33.75

2nd                        Tizzic                                     68.625

1st                          Sea Hunter                          290


Special Prizes - 2016                        Angler                                   Boat                                       Weight

Heaviest Rain Bow Runner             Andrew Adams                   Reeling and Dealing            2lbs 4 oz

Heaviest Lizard Fish                         Scott franklan                     Bucaneer                               2lbs 4 oz

Heaviest Sapate                               Noah Sheppard                   Bobby Breen                         5 oz

Press Release: Junior Angler Tournament.pdf

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