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(Steamed fish in a spicy tomato sauce) Must be freshly caught fish)

Fillet, bone and preferably skin a white flesh fish (Carite, dolphin, Grouper etc.).

Cut into cubes (1” X 1”). Lightly season with lime and salt.
Place 3” of water into a 10” pot and bring to a rapid boil.

Place enough fish cubes into the water so that they are completely covered with water.

When this is done, the water should stop boiling.

Closely watch water and when it is again bubbling rapidly, turn off fire and let the fish remain in the water for approximately 1 ½ minutes.
Remove cooked fish from water, place on plate and over with tomato sauce (see below).

Serve fish hot.

Tomato Sauce
Mix together tomato ketchup – amount according to quantity of fish prepared; Lime Juice; Worcestershire Sauce; Black Pepper to taste; Garlic (optional); Hot Pepper (optional).

Submitted by Bruce Hutton

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